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Sales Loyalty

Get ahead of the race with an unforgettable first impression.

Sales Loyalty empowers you to develop effective sales strategies that connect uniquely with every buyer. Utilising customers insights, your team can confidently offer customised recommendations to make customers feel understood and valued. From a great first impression to the final handover, Sales Loyalty is your solution to ensure every journey ends with more than a new car – it ends with a new brand advocate.

Car dealer is presenting a car to couple in the showroom

Make every car buying journey exclusively resonate with your brand.

Sales Loyalty combines an array of sales tools into a unified suite. It guarantees each customer interaction is used as an opportunity to connect and turn the sales process into a series of memorable moments. Each tool stands out on its own and, together, create a fully connected journey that promises a bespoke narrative for each customer. By seamlessly integrating data-driven insights with a personal touch, your team can create not just a sale, but a meaningful relationship. It’s about redefining the sales experience to be as unique and individual as your customers themselves.

Using data-driven solutions, we help our clients drive customer loyalty and increase retention rates within your network.

By integrating disparate data sources, we form a holistic view of each customer for more effective engagement. We focus on targeted, always-on communications to establish a strong, lasting bond between you and your customers.


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Delve into the depths of customer data to understand their individual stories, from budget to lifestyle, and deliver tailored-made experiences 

Equipped with a customer profile, your salespeople become trusted advisors to guide customers smoothly through their buying journey with assurance and consultation. This trust builds a solid foundation for customer loyalty  

Facilitate customer’s decision-making by offering clear, side-by-side comparisons of customers shortlisted vehicles Highlighting options that best fit their lifestyles demonstrate your commitment to meeting their unique needs. 

Ensure every interaction with your salespeople is memorable and impactful to develop deep relationships and turn your customers into brand ambassadors. 

Monitor performance and guide sales strategies with advanced analytics to make sure that every strategy is grounded in data-driven insights. Keeping vital metrics at your fingertips allows your team to adjust approaches for best results.  

Start the loyalty-building journey from every sale.

Sales Leads

Convert every enquiry into a good opportunity with Sales Leads, designed for lead generation and nurturing. With actionable data insights, it ensures you always deliver the best possible experience with a tailored approach when contacted by potential buyers. Engage and follow up as per their preferences to build trust and drive sales. Never miss a lead again.

Sales Chat

Bridge the gap between online interest and in-store visits. Sales Chat offers a real-time communication channel, connecting your sales team with potential buyers instantly, anywhere. This tool provides the same warmth and rapport as in-person interactions, enabling you to build relationships whilst answering questions. Convert conversations into committed buyers with immediate responses increasing the chance to close a deal, and the ability to respond to enquiries through complete flexibility on the go.

Sales Order

Sales Order introduces clarity and transparency to the vehicle purchasing process, keeping your customer fully informed and engaged from the moment an order is placed until its delivery. Don’t leave customers in the dark. Automated and detailed notifications at every stage makes customers feel in control of their journey. This transparency builds trust and maintains the excitement, making the wait a part of the experience.

Sales Handover

Guarantee a seamless transition at the end of the sales process with Sales Handover. The digital checklist covers all critical questions of the purchase, making handover more efficient and thorough. It gives peace of mind to both your team and your customers. All handover details are securely stored in the cloud for easy access and reference in the future. Mark the beginning of a new chapter in customer relationship.

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