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Loyalty Logistix proudly joins the Automotive 30% Club

July 10, 2024 – Loyalty Logistix is thrilled to announce our recent membership with the Automotive 30% Club, a step that represents our commitment to driving diversity and inclusivity within the automotive industry.

As a leading provider of customer loyalty solutions for manufacturers and retailers, Loyalty Logistix is dedicated to promoting an inclusive environment within our company and the wider industry.

“Joining the Automotive 30% club is testimony to our commitment to greater diversity and inclusivity in the automotive industry. As a father to two brilliant daughters who inspire me every day, my commitment to advancing women’s roles and achieving a gender-balanced environment has never been stronger,” said, Mike Mulholland, Managing Director, Loyalty Logistix.

The Automotive 30% Club was founded with the mission to achieve at least 30% female leadership in automotive companies by 2030. The club’s “30 by 30” strategy emphasises six key steps: knowing your data, reaching out to new talent pools, recalibrating for inclusion, welcoming women equitably, promoting women proportionately, and maintaining the balance. This strategy aims to achieve business transformation through gender-balanced teams, which lead to better business success.

“Steering the team at Loyalty Logistix, and previously leading the customer relationship team at JLR, I've seen firsthand the positive impacts of inclusivity on team dynamics to drive performance and innovation. We’re very excited to work with Julia and all the club members to drive meaningful change for our industry and adopt industry-leading best practices.”, added Mike Mulholland.

The club offers various programmes and workshops aimed at developing leaders and encouraging companies to put diversity at the heart of their business strategies. “We are excited to participate in these initiatives, which will surely enrich our understanding and implementation of diversity practices," remarked Nathan Welch, Operations Director at Loyalty Logistix.

Julia Muir, Founder of the Automotive 30% club, warmly welcomed Loyalty Logistix: “I'm pleased to welcome Mike Mulholland, Managing Director of Loyalty Logistix as the newest member of the Automotive 30% Club. Loyalty Logistix is a leading global solution provider specialising in driving customer loyalty for OEMs and retailers in the automotive industry, and Mike and the team will be a valued addition to our Club membership."

Loyalty Logistix is excited to embark on this journey with the Automotive 30% Club, confident that together we can create a more diverse and inclusive industry. We look forward to sharing our progress and celebrating our collective achievements in the months and years ahead.

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