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Brand Loyalty

Unify marketing efforts for elevated customer loyalty and rewards engagement.

Brand Loyalty, integrated with your DMS data, converts data insights into customer-centric strategies. It employs predictive marketing and leverages real-time feedback to engage customers and meet their demands when it matters most. Our user-friendly customer portal makes loyalty reward redemption enjoyable, further enhancing the customer journey and strengthening brand commitment.

Establish an unbreakable and rewarding bond with your customers.

Brand Loyalty unveils a full picture of each customer and their vehicle, thanks to our advanced analytics and predictive capabilities. This enables communications that resonate with current preferences and predict future needs. The easy-to-use portal, supported by a mobile app, makes celebrating and rewarding customer loyalty effortless. By operating both independently and collaboratively, the tools of Brand Loyalty together develop a dynamic and personalised marketing ecosystem. This ecosystem ensures ongoing, targeted communications and immediate enjoyment of loyalty rewards and offers.

Using data-driven solutions, we help our clients drive customer loyalty and increase retention rates within your network.

By integrating disparate data sources, we form a holistic view of each customer for more effective engagement. We focus on targeted, always-on communications to establish a strong, lasting bond between you and your customers.


Average campaign open rate


Of customer data identified needs improving


DMS interfaces


Average increase in Customer retention rate


Stay ahead of the curve by using advanced analytics to predict and satisfy customer needs, shaping your messaging for maximum impact. 

Merge all marketing efforts under a unified strategy that builds meaningful connections, extending beyond the initial sales to ongoing customer satisfaction. 

Offer a direct portal for easy rewards redemption, enhancing the customer loyalty experience and participation in your brand’s offerings.  

Continually monitor campaign performanceallowing you to effectively adjust your marketing strategy for optimised marketing spend and ROI 

Utilise real-time feedback and analytics to identify and act on key satisfaction drivers, directly enhancing your NPS (Net Promoter Score) and aligning with your customer expectations. 

Every engagement is a step towards lasting relationships with your brand.


Customise marketing communications with Campaigns, an integral part of Brand Loyalty. Its predictive capability offers insights into customer behaviours and preferences, so your Marketing team can create tailored and relevant messaging for each campaign. Select from preset templates or bespoke for your specific needs. Every campaign is a chance to gather further insights that inform clear steps for enhancing customer engagement. Never miss an opportunity to keep consistent satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction converts feedback into actionable strategies that are essential in keeping customers content beyond the initial sale. Surveys and follow-ups ensure they are satisfied with their purchase, while service reminders and MOT alerts keep the conversation going. Rapid alerts on negative feedback prevent potential lost sales. This prompt action helps turn unhappy customers into your best advocates, contributing to advancing your NPS.

Customer Rewards

Customer Rewards is designed to complement your existing loyalty initiatives. The dedicated customer portal and mobile app provide an accessible and enjoyable way for customers to explore and redeem their rewards and offers. By integrating Customer Rewards into your loyalty strategy, you provide a valuable added service that improves customer participation and satisfaction by making loyalty rewarding and straightforward.

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