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Trade Loyalty

Every part purchase builds a legacy of trust and confidence in your brand.

Trade Loyalty, a digital trade parts platform, redefines how OEMs connect and engage with their retailer network to drive parts sales more efficiently and strategically. Imagine a world in which the process of locating and ordering the perfect part is as simple as a few clicks. This easy access to authenticity ensures that choosing genuine parts is a preference.

Worker Packing small parts in boxes

Manage trade programme through a unified, data-driven platform.

Integrate an extensive parts catalogue with a data-powered loyalty programme, complete with ordering capabilities and facilitated by real-time sales reporting. Trade Loyalty paves the way for efficient trade parts programme management. Central to Trade Loyalty is live sales data that enables nuanced analytics to inform tactical and strategic business decisions to increase parts revenue.

Using data-driven solutions, we help our clients drive customer loyalty and increase retention rates within your network.

By integrating disparate data sources, we form a holistic view of each customer for more effective engagement. We focus on targeted, always-on communications to establish a strong, lasting bond between you and your customers.


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Connect OEMs with their retail network through a user-friendly platform, simplifying parts sales and ensuring easy access. It’s the foundation for efficient trade parts operation and impactful retailer engagement.  

Guarantee availability of authentic parts with an extensive, easily navigable online catalogue. This efficiency makes sure retailers can promptly satisfy demands, reinforcing your brand reputation for reliability and quality.  

Enable your team with actionable insights derived from sales reporting. Predict retailer needs, align inventory, and customise communications to enrich engagement and strengthen relationships.  

Develop and provide exclusive offers and savings to retailers based on buying activity, adding value. These superficially crafted benefits create a sense of shared success and mutual growth.  

Improve vehicle performance and consumer trust using genuine parts.​ This commitment underscores your brands dedication to authenticity and excellence 

Encourage a consistent preference for genuine parts among retailers and consumers to drive brand loyalty with superior service and product quality.  

Elevate every aspect of the parts sales process.

Sales Reporting

Sales Reporting transforms daily DMS data feeds into actionable insights about trade, workshop, and retailer performance. You can connect your retailers with optimised product targeting and refined communication efforts. Its sophisticated analytics enable you to identify opportunities for increased parts sales and deeper connections with retailers. By driving KPIs, you can fine-tune trade programme management and utilise data insights for continuous growth. 

Retailer Action Planning

Retailer Action Planning brings structure and clarity to retail customer growth within the trade programme. Our platform offers a consolidated, mapped view of field activity, detailed reporting by field member and aligns actions to performance development goals. Acting as a central repository for meeting notes and actions, it ensures that every stakeholder has complete visibility and understanding of the programme to drive continuous development and growth across the network.

Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform enables marketing content to be created, delivered, and managed centrally and aligned with your brand. With analysis of retailer buying behaviours and purchase history, you can tailor every piece of communication to ensure it is targeted and relevant, refining marketing efforts. Manage your campaigns with tailored content to enhance responses and drive measurable sales growth.

Loyalty Rewards Website

Integrated with the Marketing Platform, Loyalty Rewards Website elevates the trade parts programme through engaging retailers with dynamic rewards that incentivise purchasing history. Our platform utilises live sales data to intelligently create compelling reward offerings that directly influence buying decisions and build loyalty. Features such as simple signup, easy online access to exclusive offers, and straightforward reward redemption, are engineered to make participation in the programme as simple and attractive as possible for your retailers.


Scorecard is a digital tool providing you with an in-depth view of retailer performance, updated in real-time through direct data feeds. Our platform goes beyond traditional reporting by offering a comprehensive roll-up of scoring metrics, facilitating strategic analysis, and enabling the managing of targeted remedial actions. Through Scorecard, you can easily monitor and assess individual retailer performance, supporting effective management of rewards.

Customer Contact CRM

Our platform offers the full CRM function, designed to digitise and streamline retailer customer relationship management. With a comprehensive view of contact activities and detailed purchase histories, it enables targeted, data-driven communications that are cost-effective and impactful. By ensuring each campaign is tailored and relevant, the CRM plays a crucial role in optimising marketing ROI and deepening relationships.

Trade Chat

By integrating with messaging apps, Trade Chat facilities immediate, direct communications with your retailers, transforming the experience of the trade parts programme. More than just a tool for dialogue, it offers you the agility to deploy real-time marketing campaigns and provide real-time support. You can make each conversation more personalised and valuable with data-driven insights. You aren’t just instantly messaging your retailers, but also strengthening the relationships.

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