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Service Loyalty

Steer customer loyalty into service.

Imagine a world where every service visit unlocks the potential for deeper connection. Service Loyalty transforms the service experience into an exceptional, loyalty-building aftersales journey. Advanced analytics provide a full picture of each customer’s interactions with your brand. With these rich insights, you can develop strategies that treat your customer as a whole person and meet their individual needs, developing long-term loyalty.

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Transform service moments into milestones of loyalty.

Service Loyalty unites a diverse range of tools into a cohesive, robust platform that adds value to every touch point of the aftersales lifecycle. Each product stands strong on its own, yet together, they create an efficient and seamless journey of discovery and fulfilment. From the very first service reminder to the thoughtful updates during service and post-service follow-up, Service Loyalty enables you to turn every interaction into an opportunity for deep engagement, improved customer loyalty and increased retention.

Using data-driven solutions, we help our clients drive customer loyalty and increase retention rates within your network.

By integrating disparate data sources, we form a holistic view of each customer for more effective engagement. We focus on targeted, always-on communications to establish a strong, lasting bond between you and your customers.


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Tap into the power of data to deeply understand your customers and predict their future needs. Equip your team with the clarity and depth of insights to proactively engage customers and deliver service that exceed expectations, fostering loyalty-driven experiences   

With greater insights to your customer profile and service history, all within a user-friendly interface, you can make timely and personalised contact with your customers and provide tailored offerings that rationalise their unique preferences.  

Identify and seize every opportunity for service. Smoothly convert service leads into confirmed bookings and keep your customers informed at every step of the journey, from initial contact to final handover.  

Expertly designed, the connected suite of aftersales tools builds strong bonds with your customers and ensures no detail is overlooked. It gathers feedback to continuously improve your service quality, helping improve your NPS.  

Boost your service performance by tracking customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention. This strategic monitoring allows for targeted improvement and maximised ROI by fine-tuning your strategy based on real insights. 

Every service visit paves the path to loyalty.

Service Leads

By proactively identifying and engaging customers due for service, Service Leads guarantees that no opportunity is missed. It’s about seizing the right moment with the most relevant messages to make sure your outreach is anticipated and appreciated. Utilising data insights allows you to develop customised service reminders and communications to engage customers in a timely and effective manner. With Service Leads, your team drive bookings and enhance customer loyalty by directly linking data insight with customer actions.

Service Chat

Service Chat simplifies communications with customers during the service process into an immediate, seamless live conversation. Integrating with popular instant messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, service updates and customer approvals become as swift as they are secure. By enabling real-time, personalised interactions, Service Chat makes each service experience more engaging and satisfying. Accelerate your communication strategy with Service Chat to build trust and loyalty through immediate, responsive engagement.

Workshop Manager

Optimise your workshop efficiency with Workshop Manager. Empowering your team to intelligently manage service bookings and allocate tasks based on technician expertise, it streamlines operations and maximises workshop capacity. Beyond just enhancing team productivity, Workshop Manager is vital in improving service quality for your customers. Through intelligent planning, every job is matched with the right skills to reduce turnaround times, increasing customer satisfaction. With Workshop Manager, you’re not only running a workshop, but leading one with accuracy and foresight.


eVHC enhances the management of vehicle health checks by consolidating all reports into a unified interface, shedding light on untapped service opportunities. This tool aggregates comprehensive health check data to enable a strategic overview of service needs in the future and accurate timing for follow-ups. By pinpointing the optimal moments for contact, eVHC drives effective service engagement and generates additional revenue, highlighting your commitment to exceptional customer care and forward-thinking vehicle maintenance.

Lifetime Value

Lifetime value leverages in-depth analysis of each customer profile including personal information, vehicle details, and service history, to uncover personalised service opportunities and tailored loyalty programme. By presenting a clear view of past interactions and stated preferences, it enables you to deliver bespoke service recommendations and communications. This approach nurtures lasting relationships through a service experience tailored to their unique journey. Lifetime value ensures your brand remains top of mind by consistently delivering relevant and timely services.

Service Handover

Service Handover manages the final step to provide a seamless and reassuring transition for every customer. This tool supports an efficient digital checklist and clear communication to confirm all service details are addressed. Offering a transparent overview of the work completed and facilitating immediate feedback, Service Handover guarantees that every service is not only about handing back the key, but an opportunity to reassure your customers, gather feedback and form a lasting impression of care and quality.


Reporting uncovers aftersales data, presenting it in an accessible, easy-to-understand format to set up accurate KPIs and track performance. Through analysing and monitoring, you can identify areas for improvement and celebrate successes, driving strategic decision-making. It keeps your department up to date with everything in the workshop. Reporting arms you with the insights needed to refine operations and distinguish your brand through exceptional and data-driven customer service.

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