Loyalty Logistix Ltd

Meet the Specialists in Loyalty..

Loyalty Logistix Ltd. provides Global and Pan-European specialist services in Automotive Business Operations focusing on Customer loyalty and retention.

Founded in 2005, to help Clients deliver business improvement through our diverse and unique expertise. This ranges from parts product and revenue management at OEM level, to a deep understanding of dealer operations and all commercial activity in-between. Loyalty Logistix has developed a level of expertise in both dealer and manufacturer data capture and storage, that enables us to extract a far greater level of Aftersales data intelligence from a very broad and varied set of data sources.

Our Products can simplify your reporting needs and help you deliver effective Loyalty Programmes and measurable predictive Campaigns to your end customers.

Our Services

Our products are designed to help you pull together a single 360° view of the customer journey from initial car purchase through to part-exchange and upgrade. Our central offering is a Rewards Program Platform comprised of a Customer Portal - Personal Web Pages and Smartphone App, together with a Dealer and NSC Card Application system. This provides Dealers with an interactive multi-channel, event-driven Contact Management System and control panel for Dealer and NSC Offers.
Business Intelligence Reporting & 
Data Acquisition / Integration

Customer Experience Management in the Automotive sector is uniquely complex, so that’s why we have specifically developed Analytics to provide a simplified stream of Aftersales Business Intelligence and insight all in one place.

Customer Relationship Management &
Lead Management System
Managing those Customers who are keen, but not quite ready to purchase, requires a strong and reliable CRM system to capture and capitalise on Customer data. In addition, by querying the Customer experience (if and why they did not purchase) will provide you with the transparent metrics needed for process improvement. However, the main barriers to delivering an effective Automotive CRM are cost and painful timescales to launch, embed and settle down. 
Digital Campaign Management
Campaigns provide a simple delivery mechanism for digital Customer communications that can be very specifically targeted at National, Regional or Dealer level. It can be used to market tactical offers and benefits directly to Customers to encourage them to remain loyal to their individual dealership or the franchise in general.
Promoting Aftersales Incentives & Rewards

Increase the profitability of Aftersales business by promoting incentives and rewards, increasing vehicle re-sale opportunities.

Our Clients

We have invested considerable effort and taken great care to develop our Client base in Automotive Retail. We offer services to Clients throughout the world ranging for individual Retailers and large Retail Groups to projects for Vehicle Manufacturer National Sales Companies (NSCs), Regional and Global operations.